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For all those people who don't know me i will introduce myself first.

My name is Jochem Tuin and I am the owner of the webshop based in Purmerend, the Netherlands. I've started my company about 3 years ago and since the start the shop had grown allot. Aquareus is specialised in marine aquariums and aiming for the customers who doesn't have so much mony to spend (not everybody can afford a skimmer that costs over a 1000 euro's).

I was the first company to import and sell the famous Bubble Magus skimmers in the Netherlands. At the moment i'm importing wavemakers, T5 lamps, mixbedfilters, the famous Steve-T cup for the Tunze 9002 skimmer and many more. Most of this equipment is only for sale at my store in the Netherlands. Before selling I have tested these items first to assure myselfe that I'm not selling any crapp. Beside this I also sell all the basic stuff that you will find in all the webstores.

What I think that is important is not to be the cheapest but give the best support to my customers. Service is more important to me than selling.

Also i'm open for new equipment on the marked, I love reading at various forum about the newest hypes and techniques. At the moment I'm reading allot about LED lightning. I'm also building my own modded RSM130D lamp with all Cree LEDs.

Hope to speake to you soon.

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