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Beitragvon Aquareeftech » So 14. Nov 2010, 20:38

Where should I start....

Let's step, into Doctor Who's time machine and go to the year 1990..... my daugther was not born yet (freeeeeeedommmmmm) :mrgreen:
This was the year I set up my first reeftank (and got addicted)
Since then my wife is complaining I weekly spil water on the floor, nothing new because I used to have a freshwater Malawi tank, but now the spils don't remove that easilly....

So since 1990 I was a reefer during my free time, but professionally I've been a manufacturer of fluorescent light tubes (neon signs, glasbender) from birth. My father owned a sign company and I was the 3th generation of glasbender since the age of 18. I abandonned my day studies to work in the family bussines. But since then I've studied even more. Bookkeeping and management, ofcourse, but also electronics (I'm a Ham radio operator for more then 15 years) and as much as "hand craftmenship" I could find.

"There is no greater feeling of happyness then building something with your own hands" is one of my moto's, I even build my own model helicopter from scratch.

When bussines became slow in the sign branche I started looking for something extra. 3 years ago I builded my own new reeftank in acrylic, and there where some people interested in my tank. So after a year of hesitating, Aqua-Reef-Tech was born. Initiately I only wanted to build custom made reef tanks, but soon I found there was a big fear among European reefers for the product, very understandable ofcourse since you can't look at the fishes in my own reeftank because it's all scratched (end of sarcasme mode :mrgreen: ) .

So the next step was trying to get reefers in my shop in order to trick them in viewing my private tank, just to convince them that acrylic tanks are beautifull and that the maintenance is very easy and you don't have to be scared to scratch the tank. The best way of doing this (one of my brightest ideas :roll: ) was to beging selling pumps, skimmers, additives, food etc.... During my reefing time as a hobbyist I found out that buying something durable was not that easy. Buying something cheap often meant that you had to buy something again after a year or so. Needless to say my wife was not happy with that situation. So when I started with Aqua-Reef-Tech I only wanted to sell stuff I was shure off it was good. This resulted in becoming a reseller of rather "controversional" and revolutional products (completely in the line of my acrylic tanks). ATB skimmers & pumps, Coral shop additives, Ecotech marine streamers....

Today, anno 2010, the final step had to be taken. Since november whe also offer fish and corals to our customers. This last service, combined with our 20 years off knowledge in reefkeeping, should be convincing enough to attract customers to our shop. And it is... Whe are proud to say that our acrylic tanks and craftmenship are known in several European countries, we have customers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and even in Poland. Even in the US whe were noticed by reefbuilders as a rare acrylic tanks builder in the BeNeLux, needless to say whe are very proud with this recognition. As a local LFS whe are gaining customers every day, some come to buy, some come for advise, but they all come for the social aspect: a chat among reefers. And many became friends.

Reading this you will ask yourself if this is the easy way to become a LFS, NO it isn't... but it's the only way I know. Whe've made it a habbit to go and search for controversy, find something new, do research...and offcourse: fall down, pick yourself up and continue.

Best Regards, Yves (sorry, only available in Dutch for now)
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Re: introduction

Beitragvon Barri60 » So 14. Nov 2010, 20:49

Aquareeftech hat geschrieben:Since then my wife is complaining I weekly spil water on the floor
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Very nice story !

I wish you success in your new shop.... I have to take time to visit it !

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Re: introduction

Beitragvon scaramouche » Sa 4. Dez 2010, 08:51

Suc6 met de vernieuwde zaak Yves. Grtz Marc
allo allo, welcome to my little tank !

C:P:N Ratio-Believer.
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