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Hello everyone,

Hereby i would like to introduce myself.

My name is Ioannis Mylothridis. I am greek and have been living in the Netherlands since 2001 (although i have lived here for 17 years in total). In October 2010 i set up Stunning Corals, an aquarium (web)store specialized in marine tanks. My company has been growing at a very rapid pace ever since and we recently started operating as a wholesaler as well. More on this later on.

Our mission is to offer qualitative advice and service to fellow aquarists as well as provide a vast variety of unique products.

I believe that we, as aquarists, should somewhat keep an open mind to new products in order for us to keep moving forward. We follow all new trends and advances in the hobby by actively participating in blogs & fora. As a result, we have a very unique assortment of innovative, yet qualitative products, something that sets us apart from the competition (in the Netherlands).

Just to give you an impression, we were the first to offer SFILIGOI, New Era Aquaculture, NYOS, Zero Edge Aquaria, Ecoxotic, CORAL Magazine in the Netherlands.

Since 2 months ago we are also operating at a wholesale level. At the moment we are the exclusive distributors for CORAL Magazine in Benelux and Coral-Shop in the Netherlands. Soon more brands; information will follow once the deals have been finalised.

To conclude with, hereby the links to our websites

Mainly for retailers (and information for everyone else)
Please note, the retailers website will be available in english very soon.

Kind regards,
Stunning Corals
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